In my youth I remember playing in the woods, basically a swamp, with tons of Cottonwoods and Willows.  This was property that the city owned directly behind the house where we lived in Lake County, Indiana.  The property was nearly an area for water overflow from the adjacent subdivisions but provided a great get away with wildlife abundant.  The deer, birds and small animals would live with me in the area for that small time I was there, usually the time from the end of school until my father whistled me in for dinner. 

I still enjoy that time today and attempt to instill in my son and daughter the tranquility of nature and what you learn from being in the woods.  The simplistic sounds and the human brains ability to wonder in directions, that our regular lives do not allow for, is gratifying to our souls.  The thrill of the hunt, the experience with friends and family, the somber yet fulfilling feeling of a successful game harvest.  These are the true reasons why I have started Urban Deer Hunt.

Urban Deer Hunt is an organization in which I mixed my talents with my passions.  The talents that I offer that accompany Urban Deer Hunt are holding a real estate broker’s license since 1999, having property management experience of over 20 years, holding a certified EMT-B license and holding a 30-hour OSHA certification.  My passions are deer hunting, wildlife conservation, spending time with fellow hunter’s, working to better local communities and feeding human being’s that need food.

If you feel like you can help me, I want to talk with you.  Urban Deer Hunt can make a difference on your property and in your community.


Bryan McFadden