Urban Deer Hunt is an organization dedicated to acquiring hunting property rights allowing responsible sportsmen to harvest wild game. 

Our mission to benefit the community

Why I feel this company is necessary and how it will help your local community.

There are several reasons that I am willing to dedicate my time to this organization.  First, the Indiana DNR has declared many areas within the state “deer reduction zones”.   These zones are in need of reducing the population of the deer herd mainly due to deer-vehicle collisions and potential risk of disease due to over population.  Essentially in these areas there are few natural predators and very limited hunting which allows for continued growth of the herd versus reduction.  Please see the report done by the DNR called the “Urban Deer Technical Guide”. 

Secondly, and most importantly, we have dire need for protein, or meat, in our food banks and pantries state wide.  Urban Deer Hunt will promote and donate to organizations that supply food pantries across Indiana.  Personally, I will ask that each hunter donate their “earn a buck” doe to Indiana’s hungry through a donation program.  Ultimately, it is the hunter’s choice since they will have to purchase a valid deer license/tag.  

The main reason that compelled me to think up this idea was for hunters.  I had seen many “BIG” deer in town for years, thinking how can I tap into some of those spots?  I asked around to some property owners and not many were into hunting that lived within the city.  Truthfully, I think it was a lack of knowledge in the subjects of hunting, deer herd population and property liability law.  There are city/town ordinances also, be careful.  Needless to say, I had no luck securing property. I thought to myself “I would pay to hunt within 10 miles and 30 minutes from bed to stand.”  So, there it is.  The benefit would be for the hunters that live in the city and would not have to commute, plus the hunters that are taking advantage of the properties are also most likely residents of the community.  The same residents that might be more inept to donate a deer to their own community. 

This program that I have developed is a solution for all involved.  DNR and municipalities will lower the deer to a manageable, healthy herd in urban areas, the local food pantry’s will be adding protein to their supply and hunters will be able to hunt on local property, potentially saving money, with the opportunity that the property has never been hunted.

I believe this organization can make a difference in every property across the state. Thus, making a difference at the community and state levels.


Bryan McFadden